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Yes, we love biscuits. And tea. But we're also about creating memorable moments with food. Creating a talking point...a way for people to come together and enjoy each others company with the age old, perfect biscuit/tea combination!

Need something special? Well, click on the button below to get in touch with us and let's make some magic happen!


Upcoming Wedding or Event?

We love to create memorable foodie moments...and our biscuits are both beautifully designed and delicious to eat, making them a great choice for wedding or event favours. Choose from our menu, or get in touch for a bespoke flavour. We can cater to dietary requirements.


Looking for a particular flavour?

It might be that you're looking for something off menu, or a particular flavour combination for your event or occasion. As all of our biscuits are small batch and handmade, we are able to assist you in creating the flavour combination of your dreams!


Not your average tea party!

At Bombus Co, we're mindful of the stuffy perception of tea parties. We're modern, whilst still retaining the right amount of kitsch...the perfect way to unite your nearest and dearest over tea and biscuits! Get in touch for more information on our tea party services.

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