Let's start 2021 with BANG! Flavour 'bang' that is.

Take your taste buds all the way to the tropics with our latest limited-edition trio to welcome this new year. Get ready to party because here comes Orange, Lychee, and Piña colada!


Refreshing citrus flavour delivered by a special blend of fine fruit tea selection. Our orange cookie perfectly balances the tang of citrus for a simple, perfect treat.The lingering taste of the citrus-based biscuits takes your mind straight to relaxing at the beach.



Summer has never been sweeter especially when you have the company lingering taste of lychee. These fragrant lychee biscuits are so good that you don't even need any company to enjoy them. These green tea based biscuits are so good, we understand if you don't want to share.



If you like Piña colada and getting caught in the rain, then this is the biscuit for you. The epitome of a tropical getaway can never be easier to enjoy. This biscuit screams FUN with each bite! So put your feet up, kick back, relax and enjoy.

Summer Mix Limited Edition

    • Contains approximately 360g biscuits
      • Approximately 30pieces individually packed biscuit
    • Best shared with 9 of your favourite people.
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