Waving 2020 Goodbye (FINALLY!)

The year 2020 has been INTENSE due to a number of events.

To name a few: Covid, lockdowns, Karens, and 10kg of excess weight.

By the same token, this year has also been a year of wins!

- Bombus.Co finally became official

- Quit '9to5' job to work on Bombus.Co FULL TIME

- Learned how to cook (gourmet style!)

- Most of all, found my passion :) - BAKING (all kinds)

I can't say that everything has been a positive experience. However, we did manage to face 2020 head-on and turn lemon into lemonade. Sure we still have a long way to go individually and as a business, but I can't help but feel so grateful for what we had in 2020 and can't for what's to come in 2021. (Yes we are expanding and there is more exciting news to come soon!)

So strap on your seat and join us at Bombus.Co for our ride into 2021🥰 We can't wait to show you what we got in store for you😉

Buzzing out,


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