The Chronicles Continue: Unicorn Butterscotch Roll

While most people celebrated their "dirty thirty" with abusing alcohol intake and getting inebriated, my sister was forced to celebrate it with everyone that is physically living with her plus others via Facetime... in her PJ...Yet another event left uncelebrated thanks to COVID-19 (BOOO!!!)...

My plan was to always to fly to where she is and celebrate it with her as if it's her 21st. We don't get to celebrate things together given that she literally lives in another continent. Thanks to the travel ban, we had to scrap all our plans and forced to adjust to the situation. With this, I decided to create celebratory baked goods in her honour.

Her taste in dessert is quite peculiar. She has a list of things that she likes and dislikes that is quite uncommon. Based on her elaborate list of things she gave me, I have decided to take the challenge to make our favourite past time treat; CINNAMON ROLL! But since this is a special celebration, I took it upon my self to up the ante and make it into... UNICORN BUTTERSCOTCH ROLL!!! Complete with coconut flakes and meringue toppings to complete 😉

I managed to get my hands on to a single-serve cinnamon roll recipe by Erin Christ (check out her blog!). When I saw her photo of bowl densely packed with a giant cinnamon roll, I can't contain my drools... I LOVE CINNAMON ROLL so much that I do have cravings for them here and there, mostly everywhere. Thanks to her, now I can curb them without going on a mission of self-control for not finishing the whole dozen that the usual recipe produced. Plus, the size of this roll's portion makes it much more special as there can only be ONE unicorn marshmallow roll!

To complete the unicorn-esque (its a thing, I've checked), I decided to use natural colouring. These are the 'magical' things I used;

  • PINK = pink pitaya powder

  • PURPLE = purple sweet potato powder

  • BLUE = blue spirulina powder

I was tempted to do a full ROYGBIV rainbow, but beetroot mixed with turmeric is a bit of a stretch when it is down to taste. Plus, these three are the most magical colour out there 🦄! Don't forget, three colours will mean that I have to knead 3 separate dough and pop them together to create that magical swirl. Oooh yeah... well, more like assembled together, but you get the gist.

I got lazy by the time it gets to the filling of the magic roll aka with the butterscotch (don't judge me). I ended up using butterscotch candy that I smashed up to make little pebble rocks to get that crunch. Paired them with good old coconut flakes to give extra crunch balance the sweet flavour. I sprinkle them on top of the rapadura sugar just so I still can taste a little bit of the molasses, but not to the point where it gets too overpowering. Unlike Erin, I managed to make my dough thinner. This yields me extra roll, BOO YEAH! 90mins and microwave later... I got my self two ready to pretty up rolls!

For the frosting, since it's her birthday, I have to do a rose meringue icing topped with Nerds and Nestle Toll House. I do get 'extra' with my fluff and incorporate gold lustre on them so my unicorn sparkles 😍remember, don't pop these babies on when the roll is still hot!

This is where it gets really intimate;

When we were younger (think like early teens), my sister asked me what would I want to be if we were to be reincarnated. Her answer was simple; CARAMEL HORN UNICORN! So it's only right if her 30th birthday cake has caramel horn! The horn was another level of construction. To get that swirled shape, 9 caramel candy has to be melted, rolled, and mould to shape..while it's still hot! If you made it without getting burnt, you are 1000% killing this!

So that sums up Bombus.Co kitchen chronicles for this weekend. Happy birthday and stay majestic sis❤️🦄! Miss you and I's sorry we ate your birthday roll...

Ode to this lady who is now officially 30!

Buzzing out,


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