Starting from the Bottom

If you have been following our Instagram, you will probably have discovered that your girl here has finally taken the plunge and decided to QUIT HER JOB 😱as if ghouls, goblins, and the global pandemic isn't scary enough on Halloween 2020!

As a collective unit, we have decided that Bombus.Co now has flourished and requires more attention than it originally required. Our little flourishing store originally created by a good friend of ours (who now has her own online bakery store, check her out here) as part of our wedding. We were so awed by them that we wanted it as a party favor for a party that I helped style. She was busy arranging her own wedding by that time, so I took it upon myself to create my own version of it. With the bare minimum kitchen equipment, minimum cooking skill, and soon blown-out hand mixer, I finally succeed on my own version of the sablé!

It was a long grueling road to success since then, and believe me when I say that there is still MASSIVE room for improvement! Our journey still has a long way to go and it is definitely one that I have dreamed to start ever since I graduated as a Food Scientist. It has always been a part of my career plan to dive into the Product Research and Development role in the manufacturing industry. As life would have it (in its own mysterious way), I am instead self-employed as my own company's NPD personnel! I must thank my ex-manager who has continuously called me a 'feeder'. Because it made me realize my true calling, feeding people! Feeding them with joy, laugher, but above all, delicious food.

We have BIG plans ahead for Bombus.Co, with various offerings and specials. This leads us to the next announcement... As our team is reviewing our offerings, we had to put our website under maintenance. Do know that we are still open for orders during this period of time by contacting us directly via email, Instagram, or by phone.

Our bees can't wait for you to see what we have in store for the future!

Buzzing out,


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