Not the world, just THE THREE of them!

During this time of turmoil, our mind tends to drift into negativity. It is very important that we continually remind our self to the reason as to why we have to fight. In my case, that ‘thought’ would be the time where I was watching a movie titled The Core (2003) with my dad.

I can vividly remember one of the scenes where Hillary Swank yelling out “Not the whole world Josh! Just three of them.” as Major Rebecca Child. I was in my teen, so I couldn’t quite understand what the scene was about. My dad was next to me that time, and I can see his eyes got tad teary (he is a very emotional man).

The scene relates to where a scientist, Dr Serge Leveque, had to die in one of their vessel compartments. It was a classic ‘trolley problem’, hardest ethical dilemmas that anyone could encounter in their lifetime. But in this case, we know what the choice was…

Dad explained that the scene links back to a few scenes earlier where the doctor spoke about how he is not up to save the world. Specifically, he said;

“I came here to save my wife and my two children and... seven billion lives... it's too much. I just hope I'm, I'm smart enough and brave enough to save three.”

He took comfort on just how much truth is in the doctor’s quote. He realised that even when a person had it all, it will not be enough if that person cannot provide to those who he/she loved most. Without a strong reason and a heart placed on it, all of their achievements would be nothing. Ever since Bombus.Co was created, I like to reflect back to this scene and that specific quote.

Bombus.Co was created so we can return the favour back to those who have become our reason to be brave enough to save seven billion people. Bombus.Co is for the ‘three of them’, so they know they are that important. They are the ‘three’ that gives us the reason to make the difference and to push forward in this world.

Buzzing out,


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