Keeping-up with Daily Motivation

Why don’t we do what we are supposed to?

Ever had a moment where you needed to get a tasked done but your heart is not there?

Let's take a look, say you wake up one morning and you have your day planned out with a whole list of things to do. In your mind, you have given yourself a goal. For instance:

  • Being an entrepreneur

  • Being financially independent

  • Losing 5 kilograms

  • Acting on my own business plan

But when it comes to the act nothing gets done. Why?

For me, it’s down to fear. Fear of putting myself out there. This feeling can be called many other feelings such as doubt, insecurity, sadness, and hundreds of other feelings an emotion that comes up.

It’s also that feeling of comfort. I am comfortable where I am so why should I take the risk?

Your mind is telling you are better off just as you are, just being quiet, don’t take any action, and continue your day as 'The Average Joe'.

At this point, it’s very important not to judge yourself for feeling this way. There is no need to shame or guilt yourself for not taking action.

Instead, take a moment to appreciate the effort you have taken to try, be kind to yourself. You took the first step and planned the next forever days in your life to be different. To be yourself and that’s a beautiful thing. You love yourself so much that you are protecting yourself from the feeling of potential failure, rejection, sadness, and being vulnerable in front of others etc. etc. etc.

Remember you are doing this for yourself. If you are putting yourself out there for others you are simply telling the world you you need the permission of others to feel accepted and loved. At the same time, there is nothing wrong with feeling this way (this is called self judgement - and is a topic for another blog and for another time). It's ok not to be ok.

In summary, love yourself, trust yourself and give yourself a hug. You have done well. You are exactly where you should be❤️

"It is only when you truly appreciate yourself and understand that what you are doing is for yourself that the motivation will come."

Buzzing out,


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