It's OK not to be OK: What do you do when things don’t go to plan in 2020?

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

2020 certainly has not turned out the way I had envisioned it to be (I am sure most would agree).

I am sure that you the reader (like me) also had things you really really really wished to do in 2020 and am very disappointed that it did not happen.

On the new year’s eve of 2019, my plan in July 2019 was one of fun and excitement, where:

- I would be travelling to somewhere far, exotic and warm;

- I would fall into new and exciting experiences during my travels;

- on the return from my travels, I would be able to share my travel stories with my dearest family and friends; and

- I would travel with my fam bam up to our pre-arranged snow trip.

It was also the year where I would begin to grow, learn about being an entrepreneur and begin my journey to financial freedom.

However, things are far from what I had planned. Due to COVID-19 social isolation rules, many countries have closed their borders and, in my hometown, we cannot leave our homes unless it is for very specific reasons (shopping for food, caregiving, exercise, study and working). In other words, I cannot leave home and this has led to me write this blog for you the reader.

Despite all this, I am very grateful for where I am today, given the environment that we are in. I mean, yes:

- I did lose a lot of money, that I worked very hard to save for my overseas trip;

- I am separated from my fam-bam which I miss very much; and

- this is not the best current economic environment to start a business

I am grateful I have a job so that I can support myself while my loved ones are safe and healthy (as am I).  

It is still very disappointing that things did not turn out the way I desired (and deep down demanded). I was very angry and sad. These feelings still come and go as I reminded of how the year was and is still unravelling through the news and social media.

Further, upon self-reflection, I realised that my desires for 2020 were acts of self-love. In other words, I loved myself so much that I dared to work hard, save money, give my energy, time and effort so that I could experience travel, be with loved ones and be financially free.

And because these plans did not happen, I became sad because I loved myself so much and I knew that these plans would make me happy.

And that’s fair enough. It’s OK to dream about whatever it is that you want to dream about (in my case it was travel, family and financial freedom). It’s also OK to be sad that it did not happen. We feel the way we feel right now because we love and care about ourselves and that is something that is so beautiful. Let’s take one moment to appreciate ourselves and how we work so hard for our happiness.

Now, really make sure to pause for one moment and have a think (when I say think I mean really feel) and really feel (so important I wrote it twice) the appreciation we have for ourselves and give ourselves the self-gratitude that we so deserve (you can also give yourself a pat or hug on the back and thank yourself out loud in the mirror).

This is so important because even if the world stops due to COVID-19 or any other catastrophe, we still have our hearts and minds to guide us to the right direction so that we can find happiness and joy. So please, I repeat, take some another moment to appreciate yourself, love yourself and be grateful for whatever it is you have to be grateful for.

Buzzing out, F

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