It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Unbelievable! It's suddenly a countdown to my favorite time of the year! I know it is a little early to talk about Christmas, but really, is there ever too early for Christmas? Plus, Netflix has started series of Christmas show special, which really is our benchmark as to when we should discuss the silly season. Granted, this year it will be a tad different, but we should not let our condition rob us of our joy. It is ours and ours alone, so no one can or should take it away from us.

This year, Bombus.Co has decided to shake up and add their own Christmas tradition by joining forces with other small businesses. Yes, it is happening... we joined up in Finders Keepers Online Market Place! As they call it, we are "loading something wonderful" to help everyone have their perfect gift this Christmas. To make it all better, we are featured in the Christmas Shopping event on the 25-29th November!

We know that this year has not been the kind of year that we were expecting. But that it will be a lie that it has not sprouted anything good. For a start, Bombus.Co was found at the beginning of 2020 (see, glass is always overflown with water and air!). If anything it has shown us how adaptable we are in difficult situations and teaches us compassion for one another. That is something to be proud of!

To continue your support for your small heros, head straight to Online Marketplace Christmas Shopping on 25th of November all the way to 29th of November. Leading to the date, reserve your spot on the Finderks Keepers Facebook Event.

Shop small this Christmas and help the small people make big impact :)

Buzzing out,


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