Food is Gospel... Nay, LIFE IT SELF!

My colleague (yes, still work 9-5 here!) made a comment regarding my relationship with food;

“One thing I wouldn't mess with is your food, it’s like gospel to you!” followed with ”No one talks about food as much as you do."

It got me thinking…..When did all this start? Am I really just all about food?

That was probably an accurate comment, seeing as to how there’s almost no problem that food can’t solve and no celebrations worthy without food! Here is my list :

1. Problem/Celebration; I broke up with long-time boyfriend (ex now)


Gathered all my girlfriends for a slumber party, accompanied by tubful ice-cream, snacks, and of course wine.

2. Problem/Celebration;

Survived 4 years of uni… all for that one piece of paper that says I have a bachelors degree.


Invite all my closest friends and treat them to an Italian feast

3. Problem/Celebration;



Night out with my friends, with some cake, and sweets of course! Cause no dinner is ever complete without a sweet treat, or two.. cause calories don’t count on your birthday right? <3

It appears that my life ACTUALLY revolves around food. I even time my day based on when my next meal would be. This made me realise the true essence of Bombus.Co. It is a mere reflection of how I view life! Bombus.Co is a representation of both highlights such as celebration as well as the low point, like grief. It marks the time in life that makes it wholesome.

In short, it is certainly an honour and privilege to be able to share this with you through every bite of our biscuit. Simply because it means that I am sharing my life with you :)

Buzzing out,


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