Finally a Part of Finders Keepers Market

When we started Bombus.Co, we made it a point that we want to be a part of something big. We know that we always want to support the smaller business. To us, it is about the soft voice in the background that if we listen hard enough, it will take us to a place full of possibilities. So it is only right that we support and join the one and only... FINDERS KEEPERS MARKET (at-Home version)!!!

I remember my first Finders Keepers Market visit back in 2011. I can vividly remember how much I was in awe at it. One way to describe the experience is as if I was a child in a toy store! I always have a soft spot for unique art pieces. I have always been that kid who is so into arts and crafts, yes... that includes the macaroni necklace (sorry mom...)

It is no secret to many how thrilled our team is to be a part of this market. We are fan-girl-ing to the idea that we have this opportunity to showcase our product alongside independent small businesses! To even be considered as an equal with all creative individuals still makes us grin and giggles inside:) Sure, it's not how we thought things would be where we get to meet people and have interaction with those we cater to, but at least we still manage to tell the world that Bombus.Co does exist and ready to create smiles!

Without further ado, we hope to be able to see everyone at this online market that supports our fellow small businesses at Finders Keepers Market at Home by RSVP-ing in their Facebook Event on 25th-27th of October 2020.

Buzzing out,


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