Croissant Cereal Chronicles

I have to admit;

I might be just slightly, a tiny, itty, bitty, wee bit crazy when it comes down to cooking. Especially when comes to miniature baked goods.

To complete this iso-craze, people have been coming up to me with all these crazy baked goods ideas. In spite of my busy schedule, it would be silly of me not to try them! Just to make it more interesting, I will start logging them here. I mean, what else should I do if not that?

The first one is; CROISSANT CEREAL!

If you know me, I am a huge sucker for small and cute baked goods. I also love intricate techniques of baking. It didn’t help that I have a demanding sister that does not bake, but very in tune with social media. Croissant cereal, arguably, is gaining its fame through Tik Tok. I’m not so sure who started the fad, but it has taken the internet by storm. So, it just feels right to make this little petit bébé of croissant!

The recipe that I used is a mix of Agathe Patisserie croissant recipe and Chef Steps Cinnamon Croissant Crunch. I did add more cinnamon to mine, just because I looooooove cinnamon. I also swapped honey with sugar, just because I want to taste the ‘zing’ when I have my croissant. It’s quite obvious that I am extremely experimental when it down to cooking. I won’t post what I did here as this isn’t really a food blog, this is merely a passion that I have besides biscuits. Instead, I will say that this was the hardest and gruesomest thing I have ever made in my kitchen!

Granted, my kitchen is not designed to make fancy pastries and I am yet to have professional training in viennoiserie. As a result, the task taken to laminate took that much more effort as it was all to be done by hand! I also have learnt that we need to “rest” the dough to ensure that the gluten formation becomes peak. This then resulted in the whole process taking up to 3 days! Even so, just to prove how crazy I am, I did consider making this yummy morning treat available for everyone.

What do you think?

Should this be available as part of the Bombus.Co range? Let us know what you think :)

Buzzing out,


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