Being in the right place at the right time

I live my life based on several philosophies that my dad has passed on. This specific philosophy is one that I find required more discipline. Mainly it is a way of living rather than some magical enlightenment. In all sticky situation, my dad made me chant, or less ‘tell-my-self-with-my-inner-voice’, these words “I am in the right place at the right time. Everything that happens is just right and is according to what it should be. I am not too early or too late. My actions and the outcome of my situation are precise and exactly what it should be. No more, no less. It is perfectly imperfect

The concept of this short paragraph that is chanted on repeat is to create a mindset that is calm. Which will then be projected out in the following actions to come. It leads to the purpose that is clear and, without a doubt, adds in meanings. Many of us tend to get swallowed whole in the situations that we all know is impermanence. I strongly believe that we are actioning our purpose in this world where without us realizing it. It may not be as glamourous, or as what we wanted them to be. But no matter how small our actions are, they are as impactful as our bigger action. With this, I celebrate the tranquillity of our state of mind, knowing that we are exactly where we should be. And this unfortunate event we are on is timed perfectly to occur (maybe a very unpopular opinion).

I personally perform this so-called ritual that my dad has planted in my head every time and anytime that I felt uneasy. May that be because of the daily load or during a time where I wind down from my hectic day. It does become easier when I do it with a cup of warm tea in my hand, complimented with biscuits on the side. Each sip and bite I have, I chant the words. With the warmth from my tea and the creaminess of my favorite lavender biscuits, I can calm the storm in my mind. 

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