Are the Biscuits Good?

A friend asked me a question earlier this week regarding my product;

Is your biscuit good? Does it taste good?

Despite the usual bubbly personality, I was stunned and lost for words. Some think that I have a lack of confidence in my product. Little that they know, I’m just unsure of how to answer this question correctly. I am one lady that is packed with confidence but mind you, I loathe the boastful person who tells everyone how good they or how good is the stuff they produce! I rather have others to speak for themselves if I have delivered or have fallen short.

Don’t get me wrong, I baked, packed, and serve each biscuit with love. Of course, they are good! How can I love them and have the confidence to offer it to anyone if it is not good? But here comes the question in mind;

What is ‘good’?
Is moist ‘good’?
Is tangy ‘good’?
Is sweet ‘good’?
Is crunchy what is deemed ‘good’?
Is aesthetically pleasing what is meant by ‘good’?

I am hyper-aware that, in general, I have a rather odd taste in food, attire, choice in music, and even how I choose to spend my spare time. For example; to this day since Grade School, I listen to Billy Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald to completely focus on the task I need to do (and no, I am not even halfway to the retirement age). Hence, I realise that the question has so many levels of layers to peel to answer. Perhaps my customers could even benefit from doing a mini quiz before selecting which flavour to purchase! (well that’s an idea!)

Nevertheless, here is what I think of what my biscuits are like;

They are what good times like would taste like if they were turned into biscuits. It is how I interpret; great conversation with friends, watching my favourite movies with people I love, brunch with my girls, birthday gatherings, snuggling up with my dogs, my friend consoling me during my rants (you know who you are), and/or passing exams. Essentially, each biscuits has their own personality that allows me to cherish the moments I had with those I cared about.

To some, this might not taste as good, may even only be tolerable, or God forbid, it may taste yuck to some (now now, remember; don’t yuck someone’s yum!). I mean, I could not imagine how my husband would feel if he must get up extra early,

drive all the way

to a pretty café, order the prettiest dish in the menu (which may or may not taste as good as it looks) and have brunch with a bunch of my girlfriends to discuss matters such as; which boutique has good bargain at the moment! The cookies are how I interpret time well spent with who I love most. I offered them to everyone as I believe good things are to be shared.

But to answer my friend’s question; Yes, they are good! They are at least good for me!

For him on the other hand;

how do you know if you don’t like them if you never tried?

Now, it’s your turn to tell me; are the biscuit good?

Buzzing out,

Bombus.Co Team

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